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Using this Wiki

We try to make Sibelius Wiki as clear and concise as possible. Nevertheless, here are a few things you might like to know.

There is a list of common Abbreviations available so you know what we are talking about.
If you have one of the Localised Versions of Sibelius there are a few things to keep in mind.

If you are encountering a specific problem, a first step would be to try a few search terms on our search engine. If you do not find anything this way, you should look at the Content Areas, where you will find lots of tips sorted per the official manual.
Though the Content Areas are the main part of the wiki, there are tons of other pages. If you are looking for something specific which is not dealt with in the Content Areas, you can browser all pages by clicking Index on the left.
You can always return to the startpage you clicking on “Sibelius Wiki” in the upper left corner.

This wiki is only, that means solely, without any exceptions, intended for posting tips and tricks to all available versions of Sibelius. We do not feature any content about technical issues with the software (Sibelius maintains an excellent technical support for these things) and no content about feature wishes and similar things.
See this wiki as a knowledge base.
Before posting anything here, please read both our WIKI Rules And Regulations as well as the Contribute page.

Any questions or feedback you might like to leave, you can dump off on our Talkpage.