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ome sort of programming background. The official Sibelius reference manual is located [[|here]] (recently updated for Sibelius 6) . Unless you ar... lug-ins. To subscribe, send an email to with the words "subscribe plugin-dev" in the ... help accelerate the learning curve for authoring Sibelius plug-ins, especially for people whose programming
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====== Welcome to the Sibelius WIKI! ====== The purpose of [[sibwiki:this WIKI]] is to give common answers t... sues that are not explained well or at all in the Sibelius Manual and to help making your Sibelius experienc... with content!\\ If you would like to help making Sibelius WIKI the very best resource for everything Sibelius please register and [[sibwiki:contribute|contribute to the WIKI]]!\\ Although we write in English
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====== Localised Version of Sibelius 6 ====== Currently no release dates or estimates for localised versions are available. Sibelius clearly states that the application WILL be localised. As soon as more info... ill be posted here. ====== Localised Versions of Sibelius ====== Sibelius is localised into a lot of langua... nguage.\\ Please note that the English version of Sibelius is always the newest one - it may take a while fo
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====== Versions of Sibelius ====== This page deals with the different Sibelius products. You may be looking ... sions]] or for the [[update history]].\\ \\ ===== Sibelius ===== Sibelius (currently at version 6) is the fu... price. The edu-version must not be confused with Sibelius Student!\\ ===== Sibelius Student ===== Sibelius Student is a severely stripped down version of Sibelius intended for use in education by students. =====
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= On this page books and other publications about Sibelius can be presented. Publications in other languages... gories.\\ \\ ===== Official Publications ===== 1) Sibelius printed Manual\\ The printed manual is included i... n, you can order it at your local <del>drug</del> Sibelius dealer.\\ 2) Quick Start Guide\\ This guide which... in this version is included with all versions of Sibelius, including upgrades and educational copies.\\ You
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ge contains a few useful links to resources about Sibelius.\\ These are partly official, partly unofficial. ... of this writing.\\ \\ Official Links:\\ [[|Official Sibelius Website]]\\ [[|Official Sibelius Chatpage]]\\ [[|Official Sibelius Helpcenter]]\\ [[|Sibe
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====== Tips for Beginners ====== If you are using Sibelius for the first time, this is the place to go. Here... rst Time (TM) ===== If you are using [[|Mac OS 10.5]], [[|Mac OS 10.6]] or [[ tions on the helpcenter.\\ Right after installing Sibelius you should make sure that you have the latest ver
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Documents / My Documents), you should also point Sibelius' backup feature to the new location - otherwise b... ing in dmp. This file is created upon a crash of Sibelius and is used by Sibelius to help restore your scor... r use this file directly. dmp can be emailed to Sibelius tech support if you are have trouble retrieving y... ll, repeat after me: will save your work often!\\ Sibelius creates backup scores in its score directory, whi
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====== Sibelius Sounds ====== Sibelius Sounds is a range of instrument libraries sold and maintained by Sibelius enhancing the playback capabilities of the application.\\ \\ Sibelius 5 ships with "Sibelius So... different organ stops (Choral).\\ A full list of Sibelius Sounds products is available on the [[|Sibelius Sounds Website]].
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on impressum on the bottom of the page).. ===== Sibelius 6.2 and updated wiki ===== If you have not done so already, you should really update to Sibelius 6.2. The update is available from the "Check for updates" function in Sibelius and does also apply to Sibelius 6 First. Furthermore, we have updated the... including a slightly redesigned template. ===== Sibelius 6 and SibWiki ===== All information available in
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ers and headphones ===== Though technically not a Sibelius topic, this is nonetheless important:\\ When list... ender your scores in any sequencer or directly in Sibelius, for mixing and mastering good monitors are an ab... tracks without speakers. This does not matter in Sibelius, but if you want to create really good recordings... uantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra]]. Use this with Sibelius soundsets that were made by [[http://www.soundson
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nstall and register a first or upgrade version of Sibelius into your computer or to an additional computer o... nstallation. Help is available every day on the Sibelius chatpage. There, Sibelius users with various deg... adapting them to a new version). ===== Installing Sibelius on a new computer ===== If you want to reinstall Sibelius on a new computer remember to deregister the application. You can do that in the Help menu.
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====== Sibelius Wiki Rules and Regulations ====== **Welcome to Wiki Rules and Regulations page!**\\ \\ We ha... read them.\\ - No talk about pirated versions of Sibelius or any other applications, how to get them, and s... annels\\ - This Wiki is in no way affiliated with Sibelius Software or Avid, so please do not ask questions ... sk :)\\ - This wiki is about current versions of Sibelius. No talk at all about any future developments! Yo
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program, plus you can download new ones from the Sibelius site [[ rn how to install plug-ins, see here [[]] =... ggly trill lines is now available at [[]] \\ ... with Trill Lines is now available at [[]] \\
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