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r, you would likely need to gain some basics at another website in order to get the prerequisite skills a... ttp://|here]] \\ \\ The other goal here is to provide a framework on how to app... y planned on doing may change as you move through other steps and see what is or isn't possible. You may... list. \\ \\ If you plan to share the plug-in with others, it is important to plan for making the plug-in
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[doku>Interwiki]] links. These are quick links to other Wikis. For example this is a link to Wikipedia's ... [doku>Interwiki]] links. These are quick links to other Wikis. For example this is a link to Wikipedia'... inks ==== You can also use an image to link to another internal or external page by combining the syntax for links and [[#images_and_other_files|images]] (see below) like this: [[|{{w
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search function on the left. There are plenty of other articles on the wiki which are **not** listed her... * [[2.34 Tremolos]]\\ * [[2.35 Triplets And Other Tuplets]]\\ * [[2.36 Voices]]\\ ---- * [[... * [[6.7 Notes And Rests Plug-Ins]]\\ * [[6.8 Other Plug-Ins]]\\ * [[6.9 Playback Plug-Ins]]\\ ... iles]]\\ * [[10.3 Importing From Lilypond And Other Programs]] * [[10.4 Engraving References]]
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====== Literature ====== On this page books and other publications about Sibelius can be presented. Publications in other languages than English should be presented in the respective categories.\\ \\ =====... elius-list/|Yahoo Forum for Sibelius]]\\ \\ ===== Other Books about musical subjects ===== In the [[Other Books]] section you will find some recommendations of very good books which might help you to do ev
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c Collection - Baroque Opera" as an album name, another volume in this series should follow the same nami... on one album and "Georg Friedrich Händel" on the other). iTunes of course regards those two as seperate ... agcontent You can then just append one tag to the other: <studio:pixar <genre:animation,kids,adventure... every album. This will be used for CoverFlow. All other tracks can then be equipped with lower resolution
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onal computer or moving it from one computer to another.\\ * [[Getting help|Getting Help]] from Sibeliu... ul [[Literature|Literature]] about Sibelius and [[Other Books|Other Books]] of general interest.\\ * My
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means the drive is automatically mirrored on the other (RAID 1 Setting). In case of an emergency, you have the other, identical drive ready to rumble.\\ On Mac OS, you can create a raid in the Disk Utilit... drive setup as a raid in any case in addition to other backup methods, because it is the fastest method
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===== Importing from Lilypond and other programs ===== If your program can export MusicXML, that is the v... 1) Print a PDF file from Nightingale, Lilypond or other program.\\ 2) Use PDFtoMusic Pro to convert the P... es an enormous amount of time over re-entry.\\ \\ Other alternative include:\\ - In Lilypond save to P
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the flags should not be too hard. - To use in other scores use House Style > Export House Style and import the house style into other scores. == To customize the notehead== Example, make noteheads 2 Hits
lenames contain “(“, “)”, " ' " or “&”. I assume other symbols would make the import break as well. * ... amount in the web interface if you want something other than $1.00 for your parts. It looks like the FTP
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m to mp3 or aac, just drag the files into iTunes (Other methods are discussed [[contentareas:9.10_exporti... t to somehow keep your own work seperate from the other files. You can do this either by creating a new i... to a different folder than your primary library - otherwise you will have two seperate database files, bu... t need to constantly look up track titles.\\ \\ Another great feature of iTunes is music sharing. Once ac
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halt see.\\ \\ [[10.3 Importing From Lilypond And Other Programs]]\\ Cross-compatibility is always an iss
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stay on topic. Musicians should be nice to one another.\\ - Don't spam. That should be self-explanatory,... tionality, this wiki is in English ONLY. Posts in other languages will be ignored and subsequently delete... No talk about pirated versions of Sibelius or any other applications, how to get them, and so on. Never.
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lay a note. A tie joins a single note to only one other at the same pitch and immediately after the first... h, or select a passage and type S. ====== I have other questions!!! ====== Just perform a search on the
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