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me linebreaks\\ Note that the two backslashes are only recognized at the end of a line\\ or followed by\... linebreaks\\ Note that the two backslashes are only recognized at the end of a line\\ or followed b... ppens without it. You should use forced newlines only if really needed. ===== Links ===== DokuWiki su... his]] are recognized, too. Please note that these only make sense in a homogeneous user group like a cor
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dit sib-files on both of them.\\ As usual, if you only have a small number of files, you can copy them b... Backup Strategies]]). However, this way, you will only be able to access the files when in your own netw... g, but this is very time-intensive, so you should only follow that path if you have relatively few files... dded benefit of a backup solutions. But **never** only trust such a service; you should backup files on
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gain in no time.\\ ==== By Hand ==== If you have only a few files or folders to backup, you can do this... flash drive and are absolutely sure that you are only using it on one specific OS, you can format the d... ther given times or whenever you like it. Because only the changed parts are saved, backups are very fas
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o Wiki Rules and Regulations page!**\\ \\ We have only few rules, but please read them carefully and fol... sake of internationality, this wiki is in English ONLY. Posts in other languages will be ignored and sub... plies to licensing questions; these questions are only dealt with on official channels\\ - This Wiki is
itunes_for_musicians: 3 Hits
ary organised is some serious work and you should only do this with tracks you really want to listen to ... ve a consistent, well-ordered library, you should only use iTunes for albums you want to hear on a regul... This section is going to be really short: iTunes ONLY uses tags to organise its files. No tags = total
contentareas:2.18_instruments: 3 Hits
cussion", drag it up to the top left, then "show" only in parts. * To show individual instrument names... start of the piece. * To hide staffs that have only rest in each subsequent systems (optional) ....yo... staff, shows that then hides the rest. So I put only hide empty staves page by page, and when I get to
contentareas:4.16_rewire: 2 Hits
ebsite]] and try again. \\ Be aware that Sibelius only outputs one stereo pair and can only function as
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esource for everything Sibelius :)\\ Note that we only accept tips and tricks about working with the sof... gs, do this on the official website. This wiki is only about facts, not about speculations.\\ \\ We have
contentareas:8.1_layout_and_formatting: 2 Hits
on. Also make sure that ML for Slurs is on (it is only activated in 6.1 scores, since this feature is ne... ut is always the last step when creating a score. Only when you are finished make the adjustments mentio
contentareas:1.1_note_input: 2 Hits
==== iPhone App for using it as a keypad (Mac OS only!) ===== Mac users may use their iPhone as a numer... ===== Missing Keypad on Early 2009 iMacs (Mac OS only!) ===== If you intend to buy a new iMac for use w
contentareas:3.1_working_with_text: 2 Hits
a tempo and it appear on multiple staves, and you only want it on the topmost staff, then - House Sty... al position" tab - Choose "top staff" check box only ===== Text-off-the-page problem ===== Sometim
contentareas:10.6_plug-in_authoring_for_dummies: 2 Hits
Superior way to create/edit dialog boxes (Windows only) * Built in syntax checker * Can test within ... w Camel Casing convention. * If the variable is only used locally in a small routine, the Functional T
contentareas:10.2_importing_from_pdf_files: 1 Hits
then be transferred into Sibelius (note that this only works if teh PDF file was created DIRECTLY from a 1 Hits
st recent version into a separate file and upload only that. * You can't upload MP3 files larger than
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