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contentareas:10.6_plug-in_authoring_for_dummies: 8 Hits
* Need to restart Sibelius if you want to load new plug-ins * Does not have any search/replace cap... to copy parts or whole plug ins to begin creating new ones __Cons__ * if you are not careful with yo... plug-ins in a custom folders. A possible list of new folders within plug-in folder could be: * "rou... should say utils.ExtractFileName === I copied a new plug-in to my computer but it is not appearing in
installing_and_registering: 8 Hits
nother. == ===== General Remark ===== As with any new software, you should remember that technical help... a weekend or holiday. In your haste to install a new version as soon as it arrives so you can continue... ct, it is probably not a good idea to install the new version on a Friday or weekend. If something goe... ed to uninstall the old version. Just install the new version as told in the manual and follow the inst
itunes_for_sibelius_users: 4 Hits
version" in the context menu. iTunes then creates new transcoded files.\\ After encoding has finished, ... other files. You can do this either by creating a new iTunes library by holding <key>A</key> when start... either choose an existing library or to create a new one. When creating a new library, you should set
contentareas:8.8_house_style: 3 Hits
ect. ===== Creating custom ensembles to use in new or preexisting scores ===== \\ **Create a custom ... emble** \\ * House style > edit instruments * New ensemble… * Choose options…rename instruments…e... instrumentation) \\ **Use a custom ensemble in a new or existing score** * House style > Import hous
contentareas:3.1_working_with_text: 3 Hits
h as "Evaluation Copy" as plain text - Create a new text style called "Watermark" from the style "plain", and set the new size to 96 and rotation to 45 - In Properties, select your text and set the s... e and parts for same item ===== when starting a new score, change the font size in the score and part
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need is a user account. When you want to create a new user account, use the login button on the top rig... d click "create this page" on the results page. A new wiki page will then be created. Right at the top
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rinted Manual\\ The printed manual is included in new non-educational copied of the software, but not i... anguage. If you do not own it or want to have the newest version, you can order it at your local <del>d... of using the application with a focus on features new in this version is included with all versions of
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hermore, we have updated the wiki software to the newest version, including a slightly redesigned templ... st articles should be updated long before that.\\ New articles should reflect Sibelius 6 - Tips and Tri
contentareas:8.17_edit_symbols: 1 Hits
ctionality of Sibelius which allows you to create new symbols from juxtapositions of existing ones.\\ 2
contentareas:1.0_inputting: 1 Hits
ard Window]]\\ Tips for using the Keyboard Window new in Sibelius 6.\\ \\ [[1.4 Flexi-time]]\\ Tips on
contentareas:8.1_layout_and_formatting: 1 Hits
ly activated in 6.1 scores, since this feature is new to 6.1). You can to this in the Engraving Rules d
contentareas:1.1_note_input: 1 Hits
iMacs (Mac OS only!) ===== If you intend to buy a new iMac for use with Sibelius, be aware that Apple s
contentareas:4.14_virtual_instruments_for_beginners: 1 Hits
us ==== - Play>Playback Devices> - Create a "New..." playback configuration called "GPO" in Sibeli... et the the Sibelius Playback configuration to the newly created "GPO" playback in Sibelius whenever you
contentareas:6.1_working_with_plug-ins: 1 Hits
ns provided in the program, plus you can download new ones from the Sibelius site [[http://www.sibelius
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