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Korg nanoKEY and Sibelius

Most Sibelius users who like to input notes using a keyboard controller (see MIDI-Keyboards) have sorely missed this method of inputting music while outside the studio.
Korg has released a series of ultra-portable controllers (a keyboard, a trigger pad and a mixer) for use durig travel/work outside the studio.

One of these is the nanoKEY, a 25 key keyboard-controller.
The keys send velocity information, so you can use them to enter live playback values. Via extra buttons it is possible to shift the range up to two octaves up/down, send midi-messages (i.e. for controlling playback), use modulation and pitchbend.


Setting up the nanoKEY is actually quite straightforward: It plugs into a free USB slot and is ready to go. Usually a 1.0 slot will be ok, so you may use your USB slots on your keyboard.
The nanoKEY works in both Windows and Mac OS.
Korg is providing a free editor on their forums, which you can use to configure the device.
It is advisable to FIRST connect the nano and let the USB driver load (especially under Windows) and then start Sibelius.

nanoKONTROL and nanoPAD

Naturally, both the nanoKONTROL and nanoPAD work in exactly the same way. The nanoPAD is actually a very good tool for inputting percussion and drums into your scores.

Known Issues

Sometimes, you may experience stuck notes. The quickest solution is to just restart Sibelius. This however happens very, very rarely!
There also seem to be a few units with non-working keys or keys not sending note-off messages. You can return these units and get a replacement.