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contentareas:10.6_plug-in_authoring_for_dummies: 3 Hits
ing and working the examples, you likely will not get very far. \\ \\ There is a ManuScript developers' mailing list for those interested in getting help on writing plug-ins. To subscribe, send an email... he email (subject line must be blank). You will get an auto-reply back saying that the request "has b... o gain some basics at another website in order to get the prerequisite skills and knowledge. An exampl
backup_strategies: 2 Hits
tantly with no slowdown in work, so a user should get used to pressing the <key>C</key> and <key>s</key> keys with two fingers of the left hand and get used to doing it frequently. A save every ten seco... Strategies]].\\ \\ Example\\ * [[|Mozy]] * [[|Dropbox]]
itunes_for_musicians: 2 Hits
it is an Apple application: This means either you get on with it or you don't. Lots of people don't, wh... e looking for. This makes iTunes a great tool for getting inspiration. If you, for example, have to wri... short film, you can search for similar music and get a feel what your client may want. With smart play
contentareas:4.3_mixer: 1 Hits
ill have noticed that the volume setting does not get saved. This is by design, because the volume is p
contentareas:8.10_staff_spacing: 1 Hits
===== To get staves to distribute evenly across the vertical space on a page ===== Sometime staves are
contentareas:2.17_hairpins: 1 Hits
====== To get hairpins to playback in Sib5 ====== * Create three bars of tied notes so you have fi
contentareas:9.8_exporting_graphics: 1 Hits
If you export graphics in EPS format, you'll get perfect reproduction when you print to a PostScript pr
sibwiki:wiki_rules_and_regulations: 1 Hits
ons of Sibelius or any other applications, how to get them, and so on. Never. Ever. Amen. If you do it,
contentareas:2.21_lines: 1 Hits
n type in a large negative number in the X box to get the same result. * **NOTE - typing in a zero in
contentareas:8.0_layout_engraving: 1 Hits
Engraving ====== This section deals with ways to get the most standard-compliant and beautiful layout
contentareas:1.0_inputting: 1 Hits
other methods.\\ \\ [[1.6 Audio Input]]\\ How to get Audio into Sibelius.\\ \\ [[1.7 Guitar Tab Input]
contentareas:4.6_repeats: 1 Hits
===== Use the right types of endings to get correct playback ===== Endings must be used a certain way... necessary at all, technically or otherwise, at the beginning of a piece and may be removed altogether.
localised_versions: 1 Hits
clicking on "Support" on the upper right you will get to the incredibly useful [[ nu of the application itself, just in case you forget the url.\\ By the way: Not all products Sibelius
contentareas:9.3_splitting_and_joining_scores: 1 Hits
the playback preferences page, so sound will only get loaded when you select notes (because Sibelius ne
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