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OS. To convert them to mp3 or aac, just drag the files into iTunes (Other methods are discussed [[contentareas:9.10_exporting_audio_files|here]]). They will get imported. After choosing the desired format... context menu. iTunes then creates new transcoded files.\\ After encoding has finished, you can either keep the wav/aiff files (which you should do if you intend to burn them to a CD) or delete them.\\ Mak
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arts]]\\ * [[8.0 Layout Engraving]]\\ * [[9.0 Files]]\\ * [[10.0 Not In The Manual]]\\ \\ ===== Det... ]]\\ * [[8.18 Publishing]]\\ ---- * [[9.0 Files]]\\ * [[9.1 Working With Files]]\\ * [[9.2 Sharing Files]]\\ * [[9.3 Splitting And Joining Scores]]\\ * [[9.4 Importing Graphics]]\\ * [[9.5 Opening Midi Files]]\\ * [[9.6 Opening MusicXML Files]]\\ * [[9.7 Opening Files
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RIPTIONS MISSING - REMOVE WHEN DONE == ====== 9.0 Files ====== Here you will find everything about files ... Finale scores and so on.\\ \\ [[9.1 Working With Files]]\\ [[9.2 Sharing Files]]\\ [[9.3 Splitting And J... \ [[9.4 Importing Graphics]]\\ [[9.5 Opening Midi Files]]\\ [[9.6 Opening MusicXML Files]]\\ [[9.7 Opening Files From Previous Versions]]\\ [[9.8 Exporting Graphics]]\\ [[9.9 Exporting MIDI Files]]\\ [[9.1
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n one computer you will probably want to edit sib-files on both of them.\\ As usual, if you only have a small number of files, you can copy them by hand. As an added bonus, this provides for a pretty simpl... a home server is a very good solution. Store your files on a central server and edit them from the client... er, this way, you will only be able to access the files when in your own network, but not from outside. T 11 Hits
le and upload only that. * You can't upload MP3 files larger than around 6 MB. ===== How to use FTP to... ....\\ * Filenames are case sensitive. All the files relating to a particular score must have the same... data.csv’ * After you have uploaded the correct files with the correct filenames, you need to process t... usic has two buttons for processing your uploaded files: * The left hand button Process files (preview
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the scores folder go to:\\ * File>Preferences>Files. There you will see a place for "Save Scores in.... to keep on.\\ When you are not storing your .sib-files in the standard folder (which would be Documents ... up feature to the new location - otherwise backup files will still be saved to this standard folder. This... f you, for security or privacy reasons, save your files on an external disk because the backup files fill
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unexpected rewrite by a prancing cat. Sibelius files are automatically saved to a backup directory by... time.\\ ==== By Hand ==== If you have only a few files or folders to backup, you can do this the old-fashioned way: By Hand. Just burn the files to a CD or move them to an USB flash drive. Both methods ar... for all systems helping you to save your precious files.\\ \\ === Windows === FIXME === Mac OS === The se
contentareas:10.6_plug-in_authoring_for_dummies: 5 Hits
__Choice 2 - A text editor.__ \\ Since the *.plg files are basically text files in UTF-16-le coding, you... on Windows, but when I test on Mac, it won't save files correctly (or vice versa) === If you are runnin... c), the demo version does not allow saving of sib files or text files. Have someone with a full copy of
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them as an appendix.\\ \\ [[10.1 Exporting To PDF Files]]\\ When you want to have your scores as a PDF fi... the place to look.\\ \\ [[10.2 Importing From PDF Files]]\\ You may one day want to import PDS files - ho
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ture. iTunes will manage the physical location of files on your hard disk. You can switch it off, but the... ased on Tags, the information stored inside music files. iTunes does not care for file names. So when you throw untagged files at it, your library will be a mess. The more tags (song name, artist, composer... eature of iTunes by far is its database. With all files correctly tagged, iTunes knows a lot about your m
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mple markup language, which tries to make the datafiles to be as readable as possible. This page contains... ning the syntax for links and [[#images_and_other_files|images]] (see below) like this: [[http://www.p... ted in link names. The whole [[#images_and_other_files|image]] and [[#links|link]] syntax is supported (... a horizontal line: ---- ===== Images and Other Files ===== You can include external and internal [[do
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===== Importing PDF files into Sibelius ===== * Neuratron Photoscore Ultimate [[]]will read PDF files, which can then be transferred into Sibelius\\ * PDFtoMusic ...]]will read PDF files and convert them into MusicXML, which can then be
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===== Editing MIDI files in other applications ===== When you export a midi file from Sibelius and want t... have problems getting good results with your MIDI files, the excellent tutorials by [[http://beat-kaufman
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===== Creating PDF Files ===== __Mac__\\ click the PDF button in File > Print to save a PDF.\\ \\ __Wind... are available to combine and password protect PDF files\\ * Adobe Acrobat Writer\\ * ABC Amber PD
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