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]]\\ * [[3.8 Instrument Names]]\\ * [[3.9 Edit Text Styles]]\\ * [[3.10 Wildcards]]\\ * ... wer Tools]]\\ * [[5.1 Arrange]]\\ * [[5.2 Edit Arrange Styles]]\\ * [[5.3 Classroom Control]... \\ * [[7.1 Working With Parts]]\\ * [[7.2 Editing Parts]]\\ * [[7.3 Multiple Part Appearance... \ * [[8.12 Default Positions]]\\ * [[8.13 Edit Chord Symbols]]\\ * [[8.14 Edit Instruments]]
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sic Fonts]]\\ [[8.12 Default Positions]]\\ [[8.13 Edit Chord Symbols]]\\ [[8.14 Edit Instruments]]\\ [[8.15 Edit Lines]]\\ [[8.16 Edit Noteheads]]\\ [[8.17 Edit Symbols]]\\ [[8.18 Publishing]]\\
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- The flags for notes seem to be those defined in Edit > Symbols in the Notes rows. The ones to notice s... and "eighth note down". You see the names if you edit them. - Change the symbols used by "eighth not... xample, make noteheads bigger: - House Style > Edit Noteheads - Select the regular notehead type, click Edit - In the dialog that appears, select e.g. the half note, click 'Edit Symbol', then choos
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t it on the topmost staff, then - House Styles>Edit Text Styles... - Go to "tempo" and choose "Edit" - Go to "vertical position" tab - Choose "top staff" check box only ===== Text-off-the-pag... through properties - Select the text and choose Edit > Magnetic Layout > Off to ensure it doesn't move around as you edit the score - Open the color pallet (Ctrl-J on PC) and set the text to a medium
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yle, the 'Music text font' field in House Style > Edit All Fonts isn't changed. So go there and change ... **Create a custom ensemble** \\ * House style > edit instruments * New ensemble… * Choose options…... * The correct settings can be set in House Style >Edit All Fonts... * The following setting will give
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he same file, ALWAYS check whether or not you are editing the right file!\\ There is nothing worse than ... more than one computer you will probably want to edit sib-files on both of them.\\ As usual, if you onl... olution. Store your files on a central server and edit them from the clients. This makes backups fairly
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]]\\ \\ \\ [[3.8 Instrument Names]]\\ \\ \\ [[3.9 Edit Text Styles]]\\ \\ \\ [[3.10 Wildcards]]\\ \\ \\
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eatures of Sibelius.\\ \\ [[5.1 Arrange]]\\ [[5.2 Edit Arrange Styles]]\\ [[5.3 Classroom Control]]\\ [[
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rehearsal marks to 14pt size (Go to House Style /Edit Text Styles / Rehearsal Marks.), extract all part... d fast, and keeps the original file in tact.\\ 2. Edit the 'Score' value to be 14pt in one part, then ex
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l lines ===== * Select the whole score and use Edit>Filter>Advanced filter to select just the trill l 1 Hits
n the program notes). You can add these later by editing the web page. * Ensure no fields or filename... ese are automatically to $1.00. You will need to edit the amount in the web interface if you want somet
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feel a post violates any of these rules, we will edit or delete it. This Wiki is a labour of love and i
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sion instruments onto one part. You will need to edit the name of the combined part so it isn't a jumbl
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age contains all possible syntax you may use when editing the pages. Simply have a look at the source of this page by pressing the //Edit this page// button at the top or bottom of the page. If you want t