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contentareas:10.6_plug-in_authoring_for_dummies: 10 Hits
rence manual is located [[|here]] (recen... ing plug-ins. To subscribe, send an email to with the words "subscribe plugin-d... ill initially define what you want the plug-in to do. It is a good idea to write these down in some s... ve. Note that the items you initially planned on doing may change as you move through other steps and
itunes_for_musicians: 7 Hits
rganised is some serious work and you should only do this with tracks you really want to listen to ove... tion: This means either you get on with it or you don't. Lots of people don't, which is fine. Contrary... marketing phrases, then there is nothing you can do about it.\\ \\ The premise of iTunes is that you do not have to care about file structure. iTunes will manage the physical location of files on your
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====== Formatting Syntax ====== [[doku>DokuWiki]] supports some simple markup language, which tries t... ge. The simpler markup is easily accessible via [[doku>toolbar|quickbuttons]], too. ===== Basic Text Formatting ===== DokuWiki supports **bold**, //italic//, __underlined__ and ''monospaced'' texts. O... rse you can **__//''combine''//__** all these. DokuWiki supports **bold**, //italic//, __underlined
backup_strategies: 5 Hits
ill overwrite a file almost instantly with no slowdown in work, so a user should get used to pressing ... with two fingers of the left hand and get used to doing it frequently. A save every ten seconds will ... at almost every pause in his inputting and should do it without even thinking about it. Frequent sa... o go back to an earlier version. This is all well documented in the manual. For windows users, you ca
sibwiki:contribute: 4 Hits
erest to other users of Sibelius, please write it down!\\ \\ You may edit already existing pages; all ... e you will find a link to the syntax description. Do not panic, it is very easy and you will be up and... tips and tricks about working with the software. Do NOT talk about future developments, things you mi... s is a wiki, not the technical support, so please do NOT post any bugs. If you want to report bugs, do
contentareas:8.1_layout_and_formatting: 4 Hits
that at the very end of the process when you are done with composing. Use the page layout mode, so yo... to make Sibelius adjust the staves. Once that is done, look for things ML did not do quite right, i.e... eir position (context menu) so subsequent changes do not interrupt anything.\\ \\ <box 90% round red|I... tioned above, Otherwise you probably will have to do everything twice. You can compose in Panorama Vie
itunes_for_sibelius_users: 4 Hits
.\\ Using iTunes is by far not the only option of doing that, but as you are maybe already using it fo... managing music and are looking for a nice way to do this, look at [[iTunes For Musicians]]. This arti... either keep the wav/aiff files (which you should do if you intend to burn them to a CD) or delete the... drag it into iTunes. It will be added and given a document icon. When you double click it, the file wi
sibwiki:wiki_rules_and_regulations: 3 Hits
pic. Musicians should be nice to one another.\\ - Don't spam. That should be self-explanatory, but for... to get them, and so on. Never. Ever. Amen. If you do it, you will be banned. The same applies to licen... iliated with Sibelius Software or Avid, so please do not ask questions we cannot answer.\\ - We can ta... rashes, explodes, evaporates etc... In short: You do everything on your own risk :)\\ - This wiki is
beginners: 3 Hits
within this wiki as well as a few tips on how to do things.\\ ===== Important things for your First ... [|Windows Vista]], you may want to look at the respective... ke sure that you have the latest version. You can do that in the Help menu.\\ The aforementioned helpc... st get familiar with the software. After you have done that, come back and read a bit here and there;
installing_and_registering: 3 Hits
rom an earlier major version of the software, you do NOT need to uninstall the old version. Just insta... r remember to deregister the application. You can do that in the Help menu. After that, just install S... l the most recent version, so if you have S6, you do NOT need to install all previously owned versions
literature: 2 Hits
is translated in the application language. If you do not own it or want to have the newest version, yo... ional copies.\\ You can find PDF version of those documents (and a few more) in different languages in the [[|Sibelius Downloadcenter]].\\ \\ ===== Third Pa... to Sibelius Music Notation Software` by Thomas Rudolph and Vincent Leonard\\ While this book is prett
contentareas:2.25_noteheads: 2 Hits
of interest are "eighth note up" and "eighth note down". You see the names if you edit them. - Chan... symbols used by "eighth note up" and "eighth note down" to be triple flags, which show up a bit later ... s you want. They affect only the current score. I don't know what you will do for something like a who... d of the Noteheads row in the Symbol dialog. - Do the same for the quarter note, and choose the bla
contentareas:10.1_exporting_to_pdf_files: 2 Hits
button in File > Print to save a PDF.\\ \\ __Windows__\\ You need to install a PDF printer driver, w... * PrimoPDF\\ * Commercial solutions\\ * Adobe Acrobat Writer\\ \\ If your PDF creation sof... o combine and password protect PDF files\\ * Adobe Acrobat Writer\\ * ABC Amber PDF Merger from Process text Group\\ * Mac OS can do this automatically\\ \\ To do fancy things like combine
localised_versions: 2 Hits
.com/helpcenter/index.html|Sibelius Helpcenter]]. Do not just confuse this section with general suppor... ums there, video tutorials and tons of plugisn to download! There is a link to it in the help menu of ... lable in all countries. For example the U.S. page does not feature the stripped down Sibelius Version ... f Sibelius to the most recent version, you should do this by using the "Check for Updates" option in t
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